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I live in west Wichita, and would normally never consider using a pharmacy as far away as El Dorado. However, one of my friends told me about how much money she had saved when she switched her prescriptions over to TrueCare. I decided to give them a shot, and I'm so glad that I did. I was paying about $200 per month for my medications before I came to TrueCare. When I transferred my prescriptions over, one of the pharmacists looked through my list of drugs and told me about different ways I could save money. With my approval, he then contacted my doctor to make these changes. Now, my costs have been cut down to only about $40 per month. I'm saving almost $2,000 per year. Using TrueCare is also actually more convenient for me than my previous pharmacy in Wichita. Under their Autofill program, they mail all of my medicine to me every month. I no longer ever worry about running out of medicine, and I don't even need to go pick it up!

Cynthia Sturgell
Wichita, KS

I have been a patient at El Dorado TrueCare for over ten years.  I am amazed at the level of experience and professionalism of the pharmacists and entire staff.  I am also amazed that TrueCare's prices are just as good as chain pharmacies.  I would recomment El Dorado TrueCare to anyone who values excellent service!

Tammy Parker
El Dorado, Kansas

HUGE shout out to jake and the whole true care team! My husband recently had back surgery and the doctor did not send him home with any of the correct bandages (because the bandage he had was supposed to stick for a week or 2). The only place I could get any was true care, & it was a Saturday evening, past closing time. Jake gladly met me up there and allowed me to purchase what I needed to. I loved this pharmacy before, but this proves why I am loyal to them. I will NEVER even think of another pharmacy. Thanks so much true care!!

Amber Vice-Couey

I just have to once again give kudos to TrueCare as being the best pharmacy around. My doctor ordered a prescription that is apparently not kept in stock. Your wonderful pharmacists and techs took care of getting the scrip changed around so they could get pills to last me until they can order the rest (which they graciously offered to deliver). No chain pharmacy would make this effort and I want you to know I appreciate you going that extra mile. You all are the best and thank you!!

Janelle Jessup

You see us and our families when we are crabby and sick. You see us when we are broken and hurting. Thank you for Always being Kind and Understanding that we are not always crabby, and we need your help. Getting help isn't easy for all of us to admit we need smile emoticon. We always come to you because you are so good to us! 
Thank you so much everyone for all you do to help us feel better!

Trisha Lovett-Dunn

El Dorado TrueCare
205 N Vine St
El Dorado, KS - Kansas 67042-2055
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